How to improve as a beginner guitarist Cambridge

Main things to practice as a Beginner guitarist Cambridge

When you begin playing guitar it’s hard to know what to learn first. In this article, I will explain the most basic things that you should learn when you start playing. If you are a beginner guitarist in Cambridge and you would like to learn to play you can book a lesson here: The first one is free!

Chords and Rhythm
When first learning guitar open chords are one of the most important things to focus on learning. Focus on learning how to play open chords such as Am, C, and G and being able to smoothly change between them while strumming is a good skill to learn. Once you can change between a mixture of chords using different strumming patterns you have probably progressed past a beginner.

One important tool for beginners is to learn chords cleanly, making sure every string rings out without buzzing. When playing fast some buzzing can go unnoticed so slowing down and practicing chords individually is a good way to improve this. Once you can

Learning to read tab
Tab is the way guitarists read music and is very simple to learn and read with a bit of practice. It’s important to learn when beginning guitar as it will allow you to learn and practice any new songs that you like later on. For a more in-depth lesson on how to read the tab click here

Learning to use a pick is also very important, when first learning you are likely to drop the pick repeatedly while playing if your picking angle is wrong or a hand technique is incorrect.

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