Best Websites to Learn Guitar Online?

Are you a guitarist wondering if you can use websites to learn guitar online?

Learning online is a good way of learning guitar there are great websites. Here’s the list of the best websites:

This is a great website to learn on, probably the best tool a guitarist can ask for when learning guitar. With almost any song you could ask for available and with all the instruments written out for you in guitar tab.
The only problem with this website is chords are hard to learn. This is primarily for learning songs with tab, and in this area, I think it is far above everything else with all music free to look at and a very well-designed website to make it easy to use.

Ultimate Guitar
Ultimate guitar is great to learn chords off of however tab is usually a lot messier on here than songsterr. Most of the website becomes a lot better and more accessible when you buy ultimate guitar pro however this can usually be done for 90% if you wait a week for a sale, then you can try it out yourself.

General advice
When using either Ultimate guitar or songsterr make sure to use your ear to check that the songs sound right. As anyone can submit songs – and therefore make mistakes, you have to make sure that they are written correctly.

Learning online with guitar lessons

To learn online there are only a few things online. A stable internet connection, laptop/pc, and a guitar, (with headphones preferably). If you have all these things then you could easily take lessons online.

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