Bass Lessons Cambridge

Bass Lessons In and around Cambridge

Are you looking for Bass lessons in Cambridge?
If you’re trying to learn guitar at any age or skill level I offer great lessons for you.

If you would like to learn with friends I offer group lessons for up to five people however 1-3 is a preferred lesson size

If you don’t have an instrument I can lend guitars for a few weeks if necessary. There are multiple acoustic and electric guitars that you can use.

One free lesson

The first lesson is free to anyone so you can try it out.
Any age or experience level is welcome. You can start learning to play the guitar risk-free and decide if you want to learn. We can discuss payments and other details there.


I can come to you! If you want me to travel to you and teach somewhere convenient. I can travel around Cambridge to your home.
81 Watkins
Online lessons are also an option.


My name is GJ Thorley and I provide carefully-structured lessons that guarantee the most efficient progress for guitarists of any age and ability.

Over the years I have taught beginner students, helping them to learn to play and enjoy the guitar. I am happy to teach any student of any level and work with them to achieve the goals

I can teach any type of music with a lot of my experience being in Spanish, Jazz, and Rock but I have experience in all genres.

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