Basic Guitar Songs to Learn

Who are these songs for

There are a few types of guitar playing. There is mainly tab and chords. I will be listing a few beginner songs to learn if you are just starting guitar.

The best songs to learn tab

Mary had a little lamb
This is a good song to learn as everyone knows the tune and all the notes are on a single string. This is the most basic song to learn on guitar if you are starting to learn tab.

Twinkle twinkle little star
This is a slightly harder song to learn as everyone still knows the tune but the notes are slightly more spread out.

Seven Nation Army
This is a harder song to play as it’s slightly faster than the other two and has harder timing.

The best songs to learn chords

House of the rising sun
This involves 4 main chords, 3 of which are beginning chords, however, there is one more difficult chord which is the F chord.

Free Fallin
This is slightly faster than the first song.

Wish you were here
The main part of this song is the intro. There are only a few chords here as well as some riffs for the intro

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